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Terms and Conditions for bookings, payments and service fees

Winners World Travel Pty Ltd Service fees and GST information

Winners World Travel Pty Ltd is an Australian Registered Company with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

It is a GST registered Company with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO), which means service fees inclusive of GST must be applied for any rendered services by Winners World Travel Pty Ltd for any of its products and services.

BPAY+ facilities are available and incur additional Merchant Fees depending on Card Type used over the dollar value of your invoice amount.  Visa & Mastercard incur 1.5%, Diners & American Express incur 3% and Cheque & Savings Card incur 0.89% or additional Bank Fee of 2.50 per transaction, for over the bank counter payments of cash or Cheque^ and online transfers account to account.

+BPAY payments need 3 working days before received into Winners World Travel Bank Account, therefore this option is not suitable for payments required 3 days or within of deadline dates set out by Wholesaler/s for their ticketing deadline requirements.
^Dishonoured Cheque charges will be passed back to the client to pay.
Invoices advise Bank Account details along with all Payment Terms and Conditions available to help you process your payments efficiently.
Documents will not be released until all payments have been made.

Service Fees are applied to any work rendered by request from a customer/client or person/s responsible for or acting on behalf of the person/s to be in the Reservation for travel related services.

Once the booking is finalised according to the specifications, Winners World Travel will forward an Invoice for payments advising deposit dates and final payment dates.

Additional BPAY Merchant Fees will apply if you prefer to pay using this facility or Additional Bank Fee will apply if you prefer paying with online banking transferring account to account, cash or cheque and will not be added to your invoice until after you have selected the option type and have made the payment.  What this means, is that, all additional Merchant/Bank Fees will form part of your Invoice after Winners World Travel receives the payment.   Merchant/Bank Fees cannot be pre determined before the client makes payment due to the different fee types applicable.

Dishonoured Cheque Charges will be passed on to the Client. Cheques will not be accepted for any booking where full payment is due 14 days and within

Once a quotation is accepted, it will not be converted to a booking unless the Client authorises it to become a booking and accepts all Third Party’s Terms & Conditions which form part of the booking, this includes items such as; late booking fee, hotel cancellation fees, airlines booking and cancellation fees, increased fuel levies, airport taxes, levies & surcharges imposed by Governments, Rates of Exchange, Bank Selling Rates and dollar fluctuation, amendment fees, cancellation fees and additional fees that are not identifiable until an incident does occur and a fee is imposed by a third party to cover the losses of that incident and any changes that incur without notification from any third party due to Domestic and Global Conditions beyond their control.   Winners World Travel will not be liable for any Third Party Terms and Conditions and it is the responsibility of the Customer to ensure they obtain all the required Terms and Conditions of their package inclusions.

It is important that the Terms and Conditions in this Document be read carefully and understood and if in doubt at anytime about understanding any parts stated, it is up to the Customer to ask and receive clarification on anything that is outlined in the Terms and Conditions of this Document.

Important notice:   Prices are FROM* and are to be used as a guide only, they are subject to change without notice and Winners World Travel reserves the right to withdraw these prices at anytime without notice.

Service Fees  excluding GST  - use as a guide only

Domestic airfare one way per person


Domestic airfare return per person


International airfare one way per person


International airfare return per person


>World Journey Airfare only per person


Air and Land Packages domestic per booking


Air and Land Packages international per booking


Hotel / Transfers domestic/international per booking


World Journey Land only per person


>World Journey air & land packages per person


Printing of documents if original lost per booking / email is free


Visa application per person


Visa visit to Consulate per hour per booking


Travel Insurance

As per quote

Travel Insurance Claims per hour per booking


Holiday Portfolio booklet  10-15pages Full Colour per person


Overseas phone calls per minute per booking


##Amendment Fee per person from


*Prices are from and are to be used as a guide only and can be varied accordingly.
>Prices are per person regardless of age unless otherwise stated.
^World Journeys are usually not less than 6 weeks* duration holidays and therefore require in-depth customisation right down to the finest details of your itinerary.  World Journey prices will increase accordingly to the amount of work involved and the time taken to achieve the ultimate results. While you may feel World Journey service fees are high, the results with savings on the World Journey airfare will override the service fees imposed Winners World Travel. What this means is that Winners World Travel inputs extra hours with strategic planning to develop and then implement the most effective itinerary for your World Journey, which ultimately results in big savings and Winners World Travel service fees no longer seem or appear too high.   Winners World Travel Guarantees you will be happy with your final itinerary of your choice.
## Amendment Fee is applicable after the booking has been completed and the original documents have been released to the Clients

Payments for your travel products in your itinerary will be governed by the Terms and Conditions of those wholesalers and the Terms and Conditions of Third Party Products, which they represent and payments for Winners World Travel service fees will be governed by our Terms and Conditions.

Upon accepting the final details of your itinerary, an invoice is sent out to you advising due by dates for deposits and final payments.   It is the client’s responsibility to adhere to the due by dates for deposits and final payments or otherwise the client will risk having their itinerary cancelled by the wholesalers in the itinerary and Winners World Travel shall not be held responsible for any such action by the wholesaler.  This means if you choose not to adhere to the advised dates for deposits and final payment, the wholesaler is in its right to cancel your products to avoid incurring third parties cancellation fees and this also means you may or may not be able to rebook the same items cancelled and or you may also risk loosing your deposit if they are already paid.    The wholesaler will use your deposits paid to cover any third party fees which they have incurred due to your negligence to adhere to the dates specified on your invoice.   The dates on your invoice are dates set out by the wholesalers’ Terms and Conditions.  Winners World will not be liable or responsible for your negligence to adhere to “Due by dates”.

A Declaration Form must be signed and returned to our office, which confirms you have read and understood all the details stated in the “Terms and Conditions for bookings, payments and service fees” Document.
Click here to print declaration form

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