Our Story:


Our Vision:
To travel all parts of the world for the knowledge, experiences and expertise, to give us the ability to implement all our discoveries and beyond ‘words that can explain’ into our Customers Itineraries building PERFECT & BEAUTIFUL Full Air & Land Packages we guarantee to tick like a clock.  We see ourselves to be in the most sought out travel agencies because of our unique specialties and qualities that people tend to have a need for; such as, personal attention, attention to fine detail and every detailed piece of information that could be vital to their budget plans.

Our Mission:
Our mission started with only one thought; that is, to be different from the rest in our industry of world travel. As we had the realisation of our competitors, we wanted to “Standout” from them making a difference by being WINNERS, for our Customers; that is, to provide and deliver the best travel solutions at the requests of our Customers, to move with the changing times in technology and be available for instant results that would relieve the Customer in order to prepare for their travels with ease, no worries or concerns and hassle free, and be on their way for their travels with confidence and trust. To be available 24/7 online or direct in any emergency case to create the atmosphere of complete comfort to know that there is someone to answer the call and fix the matters with rapid speed returning the travels back to peace and harmony.

About Us:
Winners World Travel is an open provider of opportunities for its staff to travel for experience and knowledge of different parts of the world, to take in the destinations, the cultures and traditions, the cuisines and beverages to discover all types of local foods and to learn all about the locals way of life.

At each destination, our consultants haveinspected 97.9% of properties and their rooms, facilities and amenities like spa centres, pools, restaurants, child minding facilities and more.   They made notes and took pictures for our in-house reports readily available to assist with custom making itineraries down to the very fine details of any itinerary to reach beyond the satisfaction of Customers. Educational familiarisations continue each year growing further knowledge, experiences and expertise.

While there, consultants use all the transport, walk around the cities extensive avenues and streets to capture where everything is.  They find out how transport systems operate and their hours, the safety issues of things to look out for with everything including the ways and attitudes of the locals who work in tourism and the general public with what is accepted and what is not.

Why would you book with Winners World Travel?  We have taken the time to experience and explore so we know what we are talking about when we provide detailed information and custom make itineraries. We pay attention to every fine detail that even the customers themselves haven’t thought to ask questions of the information we give. We make sure they walk away with confidence and assurance that their holiday plan is in the right place and with the right people.

We sell every destination of the world and we sell every travel product you need. While we are specialists of amazing places  like  Central & South America especially ARGENTINA-Uruguay-Brazil-MEXICO, THE CARIBBEAN-THE BAHAMAS, Nepal,Indonesia: Bali-Lombok-Komodo Island-Sumatra-Borneo, Thailand, Malaysia, Korea, Taiwan, Greek Islands, Turkey, Italy, France, Spain, England, America especially California-Nevada-New York-Florida, , Fiji, South Africa-Cape Town, Lebanon, Emirates, of course Australia and more. We specialise in FULL AIR & LAND Packages for honeymooners, couples, family holidays, small to medium groups, surfers, divers, business travellers, independent travellers and we welcome all other types of travellers.   We are specialists of world journey airfares, round the world trips and all our FULL AIR & LAND Packages with travel insurance received a discount. Our work is GUARANTEED 100% and we are ONLINE 24/7. Customers have access to WWT anytime of the day/night for help and assistance.